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Athletic Recruitment Consultant in New Jersey

Are you a College Bound Student Athlete?

Do you excel at Soccer, Basketball, Football,
Lacrosse, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Track and Field,
Tennis, Swimming, or Wrestling?

Meet Joanne, College Advisor for Student-Athletes

Joanne Nora-Trattner

Joanne Nora-Trattner

Joanne's Background

As a College Advisor and parent of a Division 1 Athlete, I understand the process of recruitment and how to get a college coach to discover a student-athlete.  My daughter has taught me what it takes to earn a competitive scholarship.  Her perspective has helped me to understand what is required to play in a competitive college program while balancing academic interests and goals.  There is so much that parents and athletes need to know about this process and I am here to offer guidance and support.

Like all consultants at Clear Directions, Joanne is available to meet with students virtually as well as in person at our office.

In addition to completing the UCLA College Advising Program and continuing a mentorship program with David Stoeckel, a nationally recognized Independent Educational Consultant working exclusively with college-bound student-athletes, I have worked with a variety of students at Clear Directions.

How I Assist Student Athletes:

  1. Help student-athletes with the college admission process including application and essay review
  2. Collaborate with students to create an Athletic Profile
  3. Organize a personalized plan with a time-line and recruitment strategy
  4. Clarify what coaches are looking for, based on the student's sport
  5. Identify the coaches and colleges to contact
  6. Teach students to appropriately communicate with coaches through emails, phone calls, and visits
  7. Consider the best academic and athletic "fit" for each student during the entire process

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